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  • A Stroll Over the Bridge

    • 51 min

    Fans, team. Team, fans. It is all part of one unit. Chelsea? Couldn't be further away from us. Connor and I discuss the superb away performance at the Bridge, which never really felt in doubt. Whilst ...

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  • Admirable Nelson

    • 56 min

    Corr, 5 of the best? That'll do! Join Connor and I as we discuss Nelson's somewhat surprising resurgence, as well as a whole host of wonderful football on display on North London on Sunday afternoon. ...

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  • Xhaka for Ballon D'or

    • 41 min

    Dropped points? Sure. Top of the league? Definitely. A slightly disappointing afternoon away in Southampton after a blistering Granit Xhaka based start left us with just the one point this weekend. Af...

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  • Nunez Tears and Neville's Tears

    • 1h 18 min

    We're back! After a few weeks out (I had surgery etc...) we are back with a bang. After a weekend filled with stress, euphoria, and satisfaction we passed the Liverpool 'test' by winning 3-2 in a dram...

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  • Willing it Over The Line

    • 1h 11 min

    Coming back from 1-0 down to win it late in the game? 3 points in the bag? Going top of the league? Playing free-flowing football? None of the above are a reason to celebrate, unfortunately. According...

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