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  • Mr Shivers. Chelsea MDS

    • 1h 21 min

    The Gent, Sheebo, Kev and another example of absolutely impartial refereeing feature, plus praise for Creepy Crawley’s outstanding performances in the play off semis. Stand or fall! UTA! I’m sure Sal...

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  • Points Earnt & Lessons Learnt

    • 1h 38 min

    Russell and The Gent, further analysing the Villa game, discussing lessons learnt by The Albion this season, highlighting a potentially preferred area for the women’s team, summing up the playoffs so ...

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  • Operation Reset. Villa MDS

    • 1h 3 min

    At bloody last! A win! A win v VILLA! 😮 And an open play goal (sort of!)! Cameo’s from Neal in WSU, Margaret in the North concourse after the final whistle and Dom down the pub celebrating post-matc...

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