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  • Roy is gone!

    • 55 min

    Well, not really. We lied to get listeners! With the national meetup this weekend in BrisVegas, here is some easy listening for the flight to sunny Queensland. We discuss our delightful recent form, a...

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  • Bang Average

    • 1h 7 min

    Much like Palace, at the start of the year the Exiled Eagles promised big changes and have delivered pretty much exactly the same old stuff. It's been a moment, but the boys are back with a bumper epi...

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  • Brisvegas 2024

    • 46 min

    The boys are back....well they were back three weeks ago but Ned is a slack editor! We discuss a bunch of stuff that was relevant back then but most importantly announce the CPFC national meetup for 2...

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  • We're Going to Win the League!

    • 51 min

    We said we'd do shorter, more regular pods and have failed dismally at both those goals, but after a promising start the Exiled Eagles are back and overreacting ridiculously to our current position as...

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  • Here We Go Again!

    • 32 min

    The Exiled Eagles are back for a SIXTH season by unpopular demand! This year we are looking to pod more often, but in more bite-sized chunks for your audio convenience (and definitely not because we'r...

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