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  • “Battlefield”

    • 1h 4 min

    Wow, that one hurt. Lauren and Rosa feel all their feelings in the aftermath of Spurs Women’s FA Cup final defeat: heartbreak, angst, pride, and belief that we’ll be back, because this is only the beg...

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  • “United In Grief”

    • 1h 15 min

    Billie, Lauren and Rosa get together in the aftermath of another chastening week and exhort the fanbase — and our basket case of a club — to hold its nerve and stay the Ange course. (But also let’s en...

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  • “Plague”

    • 1h 8 min

    This is your post-NLD debrief: a safe space for sadness, anger, and crackpot conspiracy theories. Take a seat, feel all your feelings, and hopefully feel slightly better afterwards? PS we love you for...

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  • “No Sleep”

    • 1h 4 min

    The gang assemble for possibly our last peaceful pod on this earth. Yes, it’s the NLD this weekend and nothing can stop it from happening. We share memories of past trauma, choose the player we most n...

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  • “Euphoria”

    • 1h 18 min

    I don’t know if you heard, but Spurs Women are going to the FA CUP FINAL!!!! Lauren and Rosa take a long, joyous look back at that historic Sunday in Tottenham as our magnificent women came back from ...

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