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  • La Fin

    • 52 min

    #726 | Ed & Tom review the victory over Newcastle, talk about some emotional player departures from the club, and discuss the evolving manager situation around Europe. There's also a game against Brig...

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  • Arse End of Nowhere

    • 54 min

    #725 United lose to Arsenal at Old Trafford in the Premier League, while the women's team win the FA Cup at Wembley. A mixed bag of performances and results this weekend for Ed & Dan to discuss. For b...

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  • Annus Horribilis

    • 58 min

    #724 | United get hammered at the Palace as the season winds towards its inevitable, miserable, mid-table finish. United were even worse than expected in south London, and very little faith was held i...

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  • Manchester Supersonics

    • 58 min

    #723 | Antony scores a fine goal and United chuck away a lead against lowly opposition. Same, not same at Old Trafford. On this evidence, United's season cannot come to an end soon enough. It is a sea...

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  • Bruno, Obviously

    • 44 min

    #722 | Victory over Sheffield United at Old Trafford. Stick your Overlapping Centre-Backs where the sun doesn't shine. United are back, baby. Sixth place ain't gonna win itself, etc and so on. Ed & Da...

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