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  • That SHYSTERS Awards Ceremony

    • 52 min

    Making a return to the Samrat, Peter, Chris and Tom host the inaugural Shysters celebrating the best acts of ‘housery’ nominated by the listeners. There’s a very special guest to kick things off, Cli...

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  • That Nominations Episode

    • 47 min

    Peter, Chris and Tom lay out their plans for the SHYSTERS awards ceremony and go through the best listener messages for the final time this series. Ryan Shawcross, anti-doping officials and David Blai...

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  • That Mark Noble Episode

    • 52 min

    West Ham legend Mark Noble joins Peter, Chris and Tom to discuss Eggy Boff, playing under David Moyes and the Premier League Captains’ WhatsApp group. The boys discuss West Ham’s ‘Parched’ and there’...

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  • That SHAFTAs Launch Party

    • 44 min

    Peter, Chris and Tom get together to plan the inaugural SHAFTAs which will take them back to the Samrat and aims to celebrate ingenious acts of skulduggery in all walks of life. They name their categ...

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  • That Patrick Bamford Episode

    • 48 min

    Leeds' Patrick Bamford joins the pod as the first guest since Crouchy and the boys visited Kensington Palace. Chris and Tom try to work out how they’d cope working with Marcelo Bielsa and Patrick help...

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