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  • "Dribbling Spaghetti" ACN Pod 131

    • 50 min

    Edie, Jon & Tom look ahead to Leeds (h) & (a), discuss Wagner's future, and engage in some early speculation on squad refreshing as the window hurtles towards its grand opening. But for which league w...

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  • "True Grit" ACN Pod 130

    • 37 min

    What a week. Ffion joins Jon & Tom to chat Them, Wednesday, PNE and offer some run-in and POTS guarantees. 6 games to go for the finest football club in the world.

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  • "Leg Mood" ACN Pod 128

    • 45 min

    Jon & Tom chat about #BooGate and look back on the fantastic results but bonkers vibes of the last 10 days of #ncfc. We chat Carlos Cuesta, guarantee the result(s) against Blackburn and preview a Marc...

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  • "So What Next?" ACN Pod 127

    • 47 min

    Clare joins Jon & Tom to reflect on a very positive Coventry result a prideful showing against Liverpool (in some people's eyes) and work out if it's safe to feel positive yet? 

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