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  • The Greatest Semi Final EVAH

    • 1h 16 min

    Christ. That happened. The greatest football match in history and we were there. Ultimately they pinched it from us, but let's pretend they didn't. Because that winner was a good football goal. Com...

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  • Back by the mildest demand

    • 1h 41 min

    We went mad and beat Wolves in the best way possible, so the Niis felt it only right to continue the madness and record a podcast that focuses almost exclusively on that brilliant FA Cup win. Joey, N...

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  • Eleven Games, One Podcast

    • 1h 9 min

    **Note, if you're only seeing a 17-second version of this episode, please check back later. The first upload went slightly awry but should be gradually updating itself across the various platforms** ...

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  • Luton & The Dabo Miss

    • 1h 34 min

    Saturday was an experience like no other. It's difficult to describe how it felt to endure everything the Play-Off Final had to throw at us, and for it to all come down to one kick, but the Niis have...

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