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  • EP0082 - A little slice of pie

    • 36 min

    In which Jimmy and Chris sneak off to Melton Mowbray in the hope that a dirty afternoon away might resurrect the passion in tPAN's relationship with podcasting. Contains pies and football, but not ne...

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  • EP0081 - Better in Both Boxes

    • 58 min

    Episode 81, in which the lads toss off (a pancake) and knock out a quick one (podcast). Jimmy, Alan, Chris and Luke do the Hokey Cokey with Shaun Maloney’s first four games, go to pieces in the broke...

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  • EP0080 - To Be Confirmed

    • 1h 19 min

    In which the lads end the longest accidentally break in podcasting history to talk about revisionist music tastes, subjects they should be teaching at school these days and avoid the elephant in the r...

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  • EP0078 - Macca's Half Hour

    • 1h 22 min

    In which Jimmy, Alan, Ian and Luke are again joined by The Paris Angel, BarcaJim and Mr John Coyne in an attempt to look at the best stuff of 2020 and things, as you can imagine, things start to unrav...

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