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  • Deadline Day Drama

    • 1h 19 min

    Happy New Year Swazzers we’re back people, and some start to 2024 it’s been for our beloved Bluebirds. Here at Swazz we all agreed to do the next episode after our first big signing, which in fairness...

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  • Christmas Special: Blakey's Breakdown

    • 1h 42 min

    Merry Christmas Swazzers! We hope you’re all well during the holiday season, the time has now come to be surrounded by loved ones and of course plenty of football! Along with our beloved Cardiff City ...

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  • A Number 1 for Christmas?

    • 1h 4 min

    Welcome back Swazzers, I hope you are all alive and well and keeping warm during these frosty conditions early on in the month of December. We’ve had a couple weeks break due to yet another internatio...

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  • Rubin’s Rifling Reaction

    • 50 min

    What’s going on Swazzers! Quite the week it’s been. What did we say? As well as the Bluebirds faithful in entering that Severnside Derby which resulted in a massive win! Is this us now, kings of the d...

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  • Bulut’s Mind Games

    • 1h 26 min

    We’re back Swazzers! We hope you’ve enjoyed this past international break but more importantly we hope you have enjoyed the return to league football, more in particular the return of our beloved Card...

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