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  • Erol Bulut, we want you to stay

    • 1h 9 min

    It's the end of another Cardiff City season and we face the usual conversations. Who's gonna be our manager? Why is our club a basketcase? And so forth. Thanks for listening. Learn more about your ...

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  • Russell Martin's Salty Tears

    • 1h 4 min

    Erol Bulut's Bouncing Baby Bluebirds took the smug grin of Russell Martin's boat race as Cardiff City beat Southampton with a 96th minute winner. Two Ben's this week, no Tom. All the usual stuff. Us...

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  • Pegging with Ryan March

    • 1h 7 min

    Tom Phillips is away again so Alternative Wales' Ryan March fills in alongside the two Ben's. Cardiff City fell to a dismal 3-1 loss to Hull so expect the usual dissection of that result, discussions ...

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