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  • Legends Special

    • 45 min

    Host Boyd Hilton is joined by Josh Landy, Jim Rosenthal and Dermot O’Leary to discuss the performance against Watford. Plus, why which players could be doing better and which could go at the end of ...

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  • No Glasses In Stoke

    • 41 min

    Boyd Hilton is joined by Layth Yousif and James Willson to discuss the victory against Stoke over the easter weekend, look ahead to Southampton in the premiership and CSKA Moscow in the Europa League....

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  • Let's Have A Meltdown

    • 47 min

    Host Boyd Hilton discusses the loss in the league, the teams current run of form and the big game against Spurs this coming weekend alongside Josh Landy and guests Laurie Whitwell and Alex Brooker. h...

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  • The Weight of the Armband

    • 46 min

    Presenter Boyd Hilton is joined by Josh Landy, Adrian Clarke and Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV and they start by talking about possible signings for the club in the last days of the January transfer wind...

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  • The RAWB

    • 43 min

    Boyd Hilton is joined by Chas Newkey-Burden, Will Sparks and Jonny Hausmann. The guys talk wine throwing, Usmanov, and the defeat to United. There are now only 25 seats left to this live podcast reco...

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