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  • 102: Sandwich rodeo

    • 1h 19 min

    January? More like Banuary if you ask us. It's been such a poor month for Arsenal FC that the entire thing should be struck from the calendar forever more. Just start with February from now on. We tal...

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  • 101: From eden to hell

    • 1h 27 min

    Well, at least we didn’t get tonked. The almost ludicrously eventful New Year’s Day game against Man City is our sole topic of conversation this week. We applaud the performance, dissect the decision ...

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  • 100: 100th episode special

    • 1h 37 min

    We made it. Unlike Prince Philip and the England cricket team, we’ve actually gone and reached a century. 100 episodes of highs, lows, anthems, crests, sacks, superleagues and sighing. What a ride. To...

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  • 99: Blue balls

    • 1h 14 min

    The Process. We’ve all trusted it. Wholly, and from minute one. Taken it right into our hearts, minds, bodies, and even souls (if they exist). Thomas Aquinas (1225 to 1274) understood the soul to be t...

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  • 98: Doom and gloom shed

    • 1h 14 min

    Yet another Merseyside mauling is the main matter for discussion this week, as we morosely examine the 4-0 loss to Liverpool. Elsewhere, Tom talks us through the giddy glitz and glamour (Boro Primorac...

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